Our Leadership Team

We are a small team of passionate undergraduate psychology students united by our shared vision of prioritizing mental health on campuses and fostering a sense of community amongst our student body.

Social Media & Promotions

Kaye Canoy

Social Media & Promotions Lead

Kaye is currently a third-year Psychology major and Linguistics minor student at York. Aside from being interested in mental health, she is also interested in the language acquisition of toddlers and language processing of animals especially dogs and cats. Her goal after graduation is to study Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) and to become a speech-language therapist. In her free time, she likes to learn different languages, spend time with her dog, Kol, and take photos and make videos.


Fatmah Jahim

Research Lead

Fatmah is a fourth-year Psychology Specialized Honours student. She has been involved in qualitative and quantitative research and is interested in personality disorders, eating disorders, attachment styles and trauma research. Fatmah has always been a curious person and often asked psychological questions and problem solved as a child. When she entered university and joined different labs, her questions about human behaviour evolved, and that’s where her drive for research stemmed from. By being part of Luminate, Fatmah strives to provide adequate, research-informed resources to support students’ mental health. After graduation, she aspires to be a Clinical Health Psychologist. In her free time, she likes to cook, paint, hike and spend time with her family.

Alvina O’Meally

Research Lead

Alvina is a current fourth-year Specialized Honours student in the Psychology program. She aspires to pursue post-graduate studies to further her career in becoming a Clinical-Forensic Psychologist working with the corrections population. She is interested in various topics related to mental health, such as personality disorders, treatment options, and the psychological and risk assessment of offenders. She enjoys the art of videography such as filming and editing. Fun fact: she has a YouTube channel.

Ayla Sadeghi

Research Lead

Ayla is a fourth-year student in the Specialized Honours Psychology program, and is also pursuing a second degree in music. She initially became interested in psychology to improve the mental health of others around her. Her career aspiration is to become a Clinical Psychologist and have her own practice one day. In the future, Ayla would like to combine both of her passions by studying the impact mental health has on musicians. She is currently doing her thesis on the spacing effects in memory on song lyrics. In her spare time, Ayla enjoys playing the piano, watching Netflix and going on walks with her dog.

Workshop Development

Amanda Furlano

Workshop Development Lead

Amanda is in her fifth year of the Specialized Honours Psychology Program here at York. She is very much interested in understanding human behaviour and the development of psychopathology. She wants to make a positive difference and spread awareness of the importance of taking care of one’s mental health. Amanda hopes to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology and become a Clinical Psychologist. A hobby she has is to read; Amanda enjoys Fiction and Non-fiction books, and is always looking to add more books to her list of books to read!

Shahd Goneid

Workshop Development Lead

Shahd is in her fourth year of the Specialized Honours Psychology program at York. She is an advocate of the needs and welfare of children, especially those who are experiencing trauma from adverse experiences. Shahd plans on pursuing a Clinical Psychology program for her graduate studies, specializing in school psychology and trauma, with the goal of working with trauma populations in forensic settings. In her free time, Shahd loves to read, garden, spend time with her dogs, and write articles on mental health and philosophy.

Alexandra Markwell

Workshop Development Lead

Alex Markwell is a fourth-year, specialized honours psychology student at York. Her research interests span across mother-infant health, eating disorders and the family environment. Alex hopes to pursue Clinical Psychology in graduate school and to eventually work as a clinician and researcher. In her free time, Alex can be found watching her favourite TV sitcoms, going for long scenic walks, or working with @rabbitrescueinc trying to find foster or adoptive homes for rescued rabbits. Fun fact: Alex has a sweet rescue bunny named Gracie who is totally litter-trained and free roams Alex’s apartment!

Event Organization & Logistics

Emily Panzarella

Organization & Logistics Lead

Emily (she/her) is a fourth-year student completing her HBA in Psychology. She is passionate about working with children and their families, especially within under-serviced and marginalized populations. Her research interests encompass the effects of early life stress and trauma on child socio-emotional and cognitive development, as well as socio-cultural and contextual influences on parent-child interactions. In the near future, she would like to pursue further studies in Clinical-Child Psychology. In her spare time, Emily enjoys swimming, reading, and spending time with friends and family.

Nana Serwaa-Gyebi

Organization & Logistics Lead

Nana is a third-year student studying Psychology and Human Resources. She has a variety of academic interests including leadership training and development as well as technology design research. Nana is most passionate about how companies can use technology to their advantage to create more efficient, people-focused leaders. Nana looks forward to building a career in design research & human resources. She is passionate about helping corporations use technology to make the most of their human capital. In her free-time, Nana is often reading all kind of books or cooking.

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