Luminate Leader Recruitment (2021-2022)

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Applications have now closed.

The deadline to apply for the 2021-2022 year was Sunday, September 5th, 2021.

What You Will Gain as a Luminate leader


  • Gain valuable leadership experience as a leader at an entirely student-run mental health initiative and add to your volunteer experience.


  • Luminate Leaders gain skills in the areas of communication, workshop facilitation, organization, and interpersonal which are relevant to the current workforce and graduate school.

  • Leaders can focus on areas they are most interested in.


  • Play an active role in working towards Luminate’s mission: to support student mental health through education, discussion and outreach.

  • Help to reduce mental health stigma by taking part in important mental health discussions.

  • Be part of a team of undergraduate students who also passionate about mental health advocacy.

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Recruitment Guidelines

All Luminate Leaders will be required to attend a mandatory On-Boarding training on September 18th or 19th (dates subject to possible change) before beginning their roles. Failure to attend and complete the On-Boarding training will result in the termination of the position.

The estimated weekly time commitment for all Luminate Leaders is 2-6 hours a week. This number will vary based on the timelines of upcoming events and the number of tasks Leaders are assigned/choose to take on. During weeks when there are no upcoming events (e.g., exam periods), the weekly time commitment may be less than 2 hours or may reduce to 0 hours for those weeks. Additionally, Luminate is an entirely student-run initiative. We are all students and fully understand the responsibilities and importance of classes and coursework.

Event Requirement

Assisting with workshop and conference session facilitation is an integral part of the Luminate Leader role. Leaders are required to attend and support a minimum of three (3) events throughout the academic year in order to earn a certificate for their contributions.

To be eligible, you must be a current undergraduate student at York for the  2021-2022 academic year. Students from all programs and faculties are welcome to apply. Applicants should have an interest in mental health.

First- and second-year students are especially encouraged to apply. Psychology students may be given preference.

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Role Description

Luminate Leaders are responsible for supporting the Executive Team with various tasks and will play an essential role in ensuring the success of our workshops and conference events. The primary responsibility of Luminate Leaders is to help facilitate breakout rooms during events. In this position, you will gain experience in a variety of tasks based on your personal areas of interest, including small group facilitation, event planning/organization, digital content creation, research project screening, and tabling/promotions.


This list includes many different tasks that Luminate Leaders can take on, should they want to get more involved. However, the event duties (i.e., breakout room facilitation, maintaining audience engagement, taking notes, and providing feedback on pilot workshops) are the tasks that are essential to the role.

Required Duties

  • Facilitate breakout room activities and discussions during workshops (online and/or in-person)
  • Maintain audience engagement during online events by moderating the chat and guiding participant interaction
  • Take notes during workshops and conference events to help compile take-home handouts/social media posts

Additional Duties

  • Assist the Research & Content Development Coordinators in creating new workshops by attending pilot presentations and providing feedback
  • Assist the Social Media & Promotions Coordinators with sharing educational content online, distributing  promotional materials, tabling and other tasks as required
  • Assist the Conference Planning & Logistics Coordinators with research project screening in preparation for our annual conference and other tasks as required


  • Current undergraduate student at York University. First and second-year students are especially encouraged to apply.

  • A strong interest in mental health and/or passion for mental health advocacy

  • Ability to work well in a team setting

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Additional Assets (Optional Qualifications)

  • Enrolled in a health-related program

  • Previous volunteer and/or leadership experience on campus or in the community

  • Previous experience in public speaking, delivering presentations and/or facilitating groups

  • Previous experience in digital content creation, web design, photography or videography/video editing

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