Executive Team

We are a team of undergraduate students united by our shared vision of prioritizing mental health on campuses and fostering a sense of community amongst our student body.


Gwyneth Campbell

Specialized Honours Psychology
Fifth year

Gwyneth’s psychological areas of interest include emotion regulation, psychotherapy processes, episodic memory, and how early childhood experiences shape development and behaviour. Gwyneth hopes to pursue graduate studies in Clinical Psychology with the goal of working as a Clinical Psychologist. Gwyneth is passionate about mental health education, the destigmatization of mental health, and the application of academic research in real-world contexts. In her free time, Gwyneth enjoys reading books and baking desserts.

Research & Content Development

Darren Campbell

Research & Content Development Coordinator
Psychology, Second Year

Darren is a mature student who left corporate life this past Spring to work towards becoming a psychotherapist, providing therapy and support to the 2SLGBTQIA+ community and other under-represented groups. He is particularly interested in research on detoxifying masculinity and exploring how to provide support for those populations most harmed by systemic inequalities. Darren joined the Luminate team as part of his desire to support community healing. In addition to Luminate, Darren supports York University as a work-study LEAD Coach for CCSC as well as a volunteer Active Bystander Trainer for The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support, & Education.

Adam Jordan

Research & Content Development Coordinator
Kinesiology Graduate, York University

Adam’s research interests lie primarily in answering the following question: How can health outcomes be increased for youth experiencing mental health difficulties through behaviors of daily living? His career goals include pursuing research on the effects of nutrition and/or exercise on mental health while simultaneously consulting with clients to improve their mental and physical health. Driven by the evident gap in undergraduate mental health resources, he joined Luminate to help the lives of students struggling during the whirlwind that is the undergraduate university experience. His hobbies and passions include sports, exercise, nutrition, meditation, rapping, writing poetry, and reading.

Ashneet Midha

Research & Content Development Coordinator
Psychology, Third Year

Ashneet’s goals include working as a research assistant in the near future and working on an independent study focused on social behaviour. Ashneet’s passion for psychology and love for research has been the biggest reason for her to join the Luminate team. Apart from that, some of her hobbies include classical dancing and photography.

Tishani Thiviyakumar

Research & Content Development Coordinator
Psychology & Biology, Fourth Year

Tishani has always been fascinated and passionate about psychology and the biological influences our physical conditions have on our psychological processes. Advocating for mental health and keeping up with current research interests such as social cognition and nonverbal communication of children with learning disabilities are also reasons for Tishani’s interest in the Luminate conference. In the near future, she hopes to pursue a Master’s degree and in my free time Tishani enjoys spending time with her pets and reading!

Conference Planning & Logistics

Carmel Camilleri

Conference Planning & Logistics Coordinator
Specialized Honours Psychology, Third Year

Carmel is interested in developmental science and uncovering ones ability to manipulate their autonomic nervous system in hopes of regulating ones conscious emotional state. He hopes to obtain a PhD in developmental science and work as an applied academic researcher. Carmel was drawn to Luminate as he possesses a distinctive niche for psychological research and coordinating and organizing large scale events. Through years of management experience, he hopes to be a leader within Luminate.

Tian Kuan

Conference Planning & Logistics Coordinator
Specialized Honours Psychology, Fifth Year

Throughout Tian’s undergraduate journey, she has volunteered in social and clinical-developmental psychology labs. Her current research interests include families of autistic children, child and adolescent mental health, and disclosure of mental health conditions in the workplace. In the past, Tian has organized health education workshops in her local community for children and their families. She hopes to continue her past work and increase mental health literacy for fellow undergraduate students through the conference and various workshops offered by Luminate. Upon graduation, Tian hopes to pursue graduate studies in Clinical-Developmental psychology. In her free time, Tian enjoys playing video games!

Social Media & Promotions

Tania Chanana

Social Media & Promotions Coordinator
Psychology, Fourth Year

Tania joined Luminate’s team in hopes of connecting with like-minded people who share the same goals and interests. She is extremely passionate about mental health and wants to be able to help others by spreading awareness, especially the importance of coping with problems in healthy ways. She is looking to pursue her master’s degree and considering psychotherapy/occupational therapy as her potential career options. Her other goals include working at the SickKids hospital and CAMH at some point during her career. Outside of academics she is passionate about film, and wants to write, act, and direct films, surrounding the topic of mental health.

Layla Haidar

Social Media & Promotions Coordinator
Psychology Honours, Second Year

Layla is a passionate student who allows room for opportunity to learn and grow. She is eager to continue her studies in developmental psychology so that one day she can positively impact a child’s life. She joined the team in hopes to be able to break the stigma against mental health through awareness. In her free time, Layla likes to read books, bake and watch thrillers.

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