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Applications for the 2022-2033 year will open in April.

Please check back in April 2022 for recruitment details.

2022-2023 Executive Positions

Recruitment for these positions will begin in April 2022.

  • Co-Director
  • Lead Logistics Coordinator
  • Social Media & Promotions Coordinator
  • Conference Planning Coordinator
  • Research & Content Development Coordinator

Please note that the recruitment information presented on this page pertains to the 2021-2022 year. This page will be updated in April 2022 when applications open.

What You Will Gain As a Luminate Executive Lead


  1. Executive Team Leads will gain valuable leadership experience by leading and coordinating an entirely student-run and research-focused mental health initiative aimed to support mental health on campus. This position will increase your leadership skills, and give you experience volunteering in a leadership position on campus.

  2. Make an impact — Use your passion for mental health advocacy to lead the way for increased discussion of mental health and psychological research by promoting mental health education and awareness for issues important and relevant to university students.


Each executive role provides the opportunity to gain professional skills based on specific areas of interest. The skills that are more relevant to the roles will be:

  1. Research evaluation, workshop design, presentation delivery, and facilitation skills.
  2. Organizational skills, liaising, networking, and large-scale event planning skills.
  3. Graphic design, web design, social media engagement, and marketing/promotional skills.
  4. Team leadership, project management, personnel recruitment, team development, and training delivery skills.

Beyond these particular skills, Luminate encourages all executive members to engage in tasks outside of their specific field of interest to further develop their professional skills and build on their leadership experiences. While your role is intended to help you hone in on aspects of Luminate you are interested in, we encourage folks to try many different tasks to gain new experiences.


Executive Team members will attend team meetings with built-in professional development modules specifically designed to help you develop and practice skills relevant to the current workforce and graduate school.


Be a part of a team of undergraduate students as passionate about mental health advocacy as you are!

Recruitment Process


Being a member of the Executive Team requires an estimated weekly commitment of 6-10 hours a week. This number will vary based on the timelines of upcoming events and other situational factors. During weeks when there are no upcoming events (e.g., exam periods), the weekly time commitment may be less than 6 hours. Importantly, we are students ourselves and understand the responsibilities and importance of classes and schoolwork.

To be eligible, you must be a current undergraduate student at York going into the 2021-2022 academic year.

Students in all programs at York are eligible to apply. However, certain positions may prioritize psychology majors and upper-year students.

For the 2021-2022 year, Luminate plans to host both online and in-person activities to adhere to all government and health regulations. It is of utmost importance to prioritize health and safety and to ensure that our events are accessible to all students.

Luminate’s Executive Team Recruitment is a 4-step process:

  • 1. Online Applications
    (Deadline: Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 11:59 PM EST)

    Current York University undergraduate students* may apply through the online application form until the deadline. You may apply for a maximum of two (2) roles. You will have to submit two separate applications to apply to each role individually (you may submit the same CV/resume for both applications if you’d like). Please note that only the first two applications you submit will be considered.

    *For certain positions, psychology students and upper-year students may be given priority.

    If you have questions about which roles to apply to or about the application, please feel free to contact us!

  • 2. Interview Shortlist

    Following the deadline, applications will be screened and shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email for an online interview in late July, 2021. This email will include interview dates and information regarding a small role-specific task for the interview.

  • 3. The Interview

    Interviews will be approximately 30 minutes in length. During the interview, each shortlisted candidate will have an opportunity to discuss their interest in and qualifications for the role. They will also be asked to present their role-specific task. This task will be brief and geared towards the role’s duties. One possible example of a role-specific task is a 3-5 minute presentation or a sample social media post.

  • 4. Team Onboarding

    Following the interview, successful candidates will be contacted via email with next steps for onboarding, including the dates for the mandatory Team On-Boarding Session to be held in late August, 2021. The On-Boarding Session is currently scheduled to take place on August 25th or August 26th, though these dates are subject to possible change.

Role Descriptions

List of Available Executive Positions:

Click on a role title to learn about that volunteer position.

  1. Co-Director
  2. Research & Content Development Coordinator
  3. Conference Planning & Logistics Coordinator
  4. Social Media & Promotions Coordinator

1. Co-Director


The Co-Director is responsible for guiding and supporting the work of all Luminate Executive Team Leads, including overseeing and guiding workshop content, conference events, feedback forms, evaluation reports and social media posts. They are also responsible for securing collaborations with community partners for various events and participating in weekly meetings with the Agents of Change program coordinators. Within this position, you will have an opportunity to develop your team leadership and organizational skills as well as train leaders and guide their professional development. 

Since the Co-Directors lead and manage the entire Luminate initiative, this role requires a higher time commitment of an estimated 10-15 hours a week.


  • Lead and oversee all aspects of Luminate programming, including workshop development, conference planning and social media and promotional content.

  • Contribute to the development of training materials and assist with the on-boarding of other Executive Team Leads.

  • Lead weekly or bi-weekly Executive Team meetings and Operations meetings as needed to track team progress, provide guidance and discuss content/plans.

  • Create and deliver professional development modules during Executive Team meetings to support the Executive Team’s skill development.

  • Work with the Research & Content Development Coordinators to provide training and support for Luminate Volunteers.

  • Connect with community partners to secure collaborations, explore external funding options and confirm guest speakers for conference events.

  • Work with the Conference Planning & Organization Coordinators to secure room bookings for all in-person events.


  • Current undergraduate student at York University.

  • Background in psychology or another mental health-related field with a strong understanding of research, statistical methods and evidence-based practice.

  • Strong leadership skills — prior experience working with university students or youth in a leadership or mentorship capacity.

  • Ability to work well in team settings — prior experience collaborating with team members on projects.  

  • Presentation & facilitation skills — prior experience in delivering presentations and/or leading team meetings.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills with an ability to network and establish working relationships with various stakeholders.

Additional Assets

  • Prior experience coordinating or managing projects

  • Prior experience leading small to medium-sized teams.

  • Event planning skills — Prior experience in large-scale event planning.

  • Prior experience creating training modules and/or delivering trainings to team members or other leaders.

  • Prior experience creating and delivering workshops.

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2. Research & Content Development Coordinator


Research & Content Development coordinators are responsible for the development of engaging workshop content based on current evidence-based knowledge and practices in mental health. Within this role, you will get the opportunity to develop research and facilitation skills by conducting literature searches, designing interactive workshops and leading events to support student mental health on campus.


  • Conduct comprehensive literature searches on peer-reviewed psychological research.

  • Critically analyze and synthesize literature findings into core themes and key findings to guide workshop development.

  • Work within a team to design interactive and evidence-based mental health workshops that are engaging and relevant to the diverse needs of students.

  • Facilitate in-person and/or online workshops to the student body.

  • Support Luminate Volunteers in co-facilitating workshop activities and breakout room discussions.


  • A current undergraduate student at York University.

  • Background in psychology or another mental health-related field with the ability to critically examine academic papers and interpret research findings.

  • Prior experience with delivering presentations in a university context or other community settings.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Strong PowerPoint skills with the ability to create visually engaging presentations.

Additional Assets

  • Prior experience working with university students or youth in a leadership and mentorship capacity.

  • Prior experience leading group workshops or facilitating groups.

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3. Conference Planning & Logistics Coordinator


Conference Planning & Logistics Coordinators are responsible for leading all aspects of conference planning and logistics, including brainstorming themes and events, developing a conference itinerary, coordinating the screening process for the Student Research Fair, maintaining an updated events and availabilities calendar, and booking rooms for in-person events. Within this role, individuals will get an opportunity to develop their large-scale organization, event planning, communication and collaboration skills. Individuals in this role will also gain knowledge and experience pertaining to academic conferences, academic poster standards and poster screening practices.


  • Collaborate with Directors to develop a theme, brainstorm event ideas and compile a list of prospective guest speakers for the conference.

  • Collaborate with Directors to establish communication with community partners and secure guest speakers for conference events.

  • Create a conference schedule and itinerary based on the needs of internal and external partners, including guest speakers.

  • Coordinate the project screening process for the Student Research Fair. 
  • Liaise with York University administrative staff to book rooms for in-person conference events.

  • Set up Zoom meeting links for online events and maintain updated records of registration and attendance lists for both in-person and online events.

  • Schedule email confirmations and reminders to registrants leading up to each conference event.

  • Create and distribute feedback form surveys to event attendees and compile responses into easily comprehensible and visual evaluation reports to guide future content development.

  • Coordinate various organizational tasks within Luminate as needed, including team schedules and recording meeting minutes.


  • Current undergraduate student at York University.

  • A general understanding of mental health or a background in a health-related field.

  • Strong organizational and time management skills.

  • Prior experience with project management and/or assisting with administrative tasks like email correspondence, scheduling and recording meeting minutes.

  • Strong communication skills with an ability to be flexible and work with Directors to problem-solve unforeseen circumstances.

Additional Assets

  • Prior experience in programming design and/or large-scale event planning. 
  • Demonstrated experience establishing professional networks with external stakeholders and/or community outreach work.

  • Prior experience working with university students or youth in a leadership capacity.

  • Knowledge of statistical methods and program evaluation.

  • Prior experience designing surveys and/or performance reports.

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4. Social Media & Promotions Coordinator


Social Media & Promotions Coordinators are responsible for creating and sharing educational content on various online platforms, leading the promotional strategy for each Luminate event, and updating the Luminate website. Through this position, you will gain experience in graphic design, mental health advocacy, and event promotion.


  • Design educational posts for Luminate’s social media featuring various mental health topics that are relevant and helpful for student audiences.

  • Brainstorm ideas for social media education posts based on gaps in current mental health education and awareness.

  • Work within a team to develop and implement a promotional strategy for each Luminate event, including creating posters and other promotional posts while maintaining a social media upload schedule.

  • Compile a list of all possible promotional avenues, including social media platforms, department listervs, and established professor contacts.

  • Edit and update the Luminate website as required to include information and promotion for each upcoming event.


  • Current undergraduate student at York University.

  • A general understanding of mental health or a background in a health-related field.

  • We encourage students of diverse programs of study to apply. Digital Media, Computer Science, and Design students are welcome and encouraged to apply.

  • Experience using social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Some level of familiarity with a design software like Canva, Adobe Illustrator and/or Adobe Photoshop.

  • An interest in digital media, design, branding, and/or marketing.

Additional Assets

  • Prior experience or skills in digital content creation.

  • Knowledge of social media analytics.

  • Prior experience in brand development and/or public relations for a club or organization.

  • Prior experience in web design and/or familiarity with WordPress or other website-building softwares. Coding skills are a great asset.

  • Prior experience in photography and/or videography and video editing.

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Please feel free to contact us here, by email at luminateconference@gmail.com or by sending us an Instagram DM at @luminateconference.

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