About Us

Welcome to Luminate.

A student-run initiative
aimed to shine light on
student mental health.

Who We Are

We are a small mental health organization founded and run by passionate undergraduate students with the intention of fostering student community and sharing psychology research to support mental health on campus. We are affiliated with the Agents of Change program at the Faculty of Health at York University, Toronto, Canada.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between scientific findings and real-world applications by disseminating evidence-based strategies to help deal with the mental health challenges most relevant to students.

We do this by hosting a student-centric academic conference where students can come together to exchange ideas, learn from experts and foster community. Further, we deliver practical and relevant workshops that make psychological findings and evidence-based strategies accessible to the student body.

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Our Story

Two 4th year psychology majors noticed a gap between the research they were learning about in their classes and existing mental health supports in their community. Combining their passion for science and advocacy, they sought to create an opportunity where academic knowledge could be made accessible to a wider audience. They connected with Agents of Change, a university program providing funding and mentorship support to student-led health projects, and collaborated to develop the Luminate initiative.

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