2022 Student Research Fair

2022 Student Mental Health & Wellbeing Conference

2022 Student Research Fair Lobby

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View the Winning Projects

View this year’s panel-voted best projects & most popular projects.

Student Research Fair Instructions:

1: View & Listen to the Projects

Navigation: Click either of the buttons above to go to the Mental Health Projects Gallery or the Social Health Projects Gallery.

View posters: Click on a poster to expand it.

Listen to audio presentations: Click the play button on showcases that include an audio presentation.

2: Interact & Engage

Leave comments and discuss: Click “Click here to leave a comment!” above a presentation to go to the comments page. Scroll down to “leave a reply!”


Please feel free to contact us here, by email at luminateconference@gmail.com or by sending us an Instagram DM at @luminateconference.

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